Mobile tracker app

Available Feature

By installing a mobile tracker on the monitored device, you will always be able to keep tabs on the target device activities and the Internet usage. The number of available features depends on the chosen subscription license.

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Let’s have a look at every feature to give you a clear idea of what cell phone monitoring software can do:

  1. GPS tracking: real-time location, as well as the route history, will be at your disposal.

  2. Geo-Fencing: set safe and dangerous zones and get notifications if the target device leaves them.

  3. Text messages: all sent and received text messages are available directly from the Control panel, even if they are deleted from the target device.

  4. Call logs: the list of incoming and outgoing calls alongside with additional information (contact name, time stamps, duration) are available at any time. Also, there is an option to restrict unwanted numbers from reaching your target device simply blocking them.

  5. Instant messages: Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Tinder and others social media conversations, including Instagram Direct, can be monitored remotely.

  6. Keylogger: all typed keystrokes on the target device can be captured remotely.

  7. Emails: incoming and outgoing emails, as well as all shared links, can be viewed remotely from the Control Panel.

  8. Photos and Videos: all the target phone media content can be viewed from Control Panel.

  9. Browsing History: the list of visited websites, search history, bookmarks will be at your disposal.

  10. Contacts and Calendar: all target device calendar entries and the list of contacts can be easily viewed remotely.

  11. Keyword alerts: It is possible to create the list of dangerous words such as: “drugs,” “alcohol,” etc. and get notifications once they are typed or received via texts on the target device.

  12. Apps & Web blocking: dangerous and age-inappropriate websites or apps can be blocked on the target device.

How to Get Started

Invisible application is a parental control app that helps to stay on the top of kid`s smartphone activities, providing advanced solutions for sophisticated monitoring. Once the spy software is installed, it runs in the background, tracking all target device`s activity. It stores the phone data and sends it directly to the virtual dashboard and can be accessible from any browser at any time.

To get a full feature package, physical access to the target device is needed. Once the spy app is installed, you can remotely monitor target device wherever it is. You don`t need to be tech-savvy. The process of installation is very easy and consists of three simple steps:

Step 1. Go to the official site and choose the subscription package according to your needs (Basic, Premium, No-jailbreak). Then fill in your information, choose the payment method and confirm your order. Once the payment is successfully accepted, you will get a welcome email with login, password and download link. The further installation guide will be sent via the email too.

Step 2. Open your mailbox and search for welcome email from the support team. Open it and follow the link. Then log in to your Control Panel and install the cell phone tracker app on the target device.

Step 3. The installation is time-saving, and you need only 10 minutes to complete the process. Once it is finished, you can access the monitored device with hidden spy app and always be aware of what the target person is up to. All the data from the monitored device is sent to the Control Panel and can be accessed remotely at any time.


Current mobile monitoring software is available for Android and iOS devices.

  1. Android smartphones/tablets

  • Your target device should operate at least Android 4+

  • Internet connection is needed to install smartphone monitoring software

  • Physical access is required to get started with monitoring software

  • Instant messengers monitoring is available only for rooted Android devices

  1. iOS Devices with Jailbreak

  • Your target device should run iOS 7 – 8.4; 9.0-9.1

  • iOS devices should be connected to the Internet

  • Your target device need to be jailbroken to install mobile tracker app

  • To get started with mobile tracker, physical access is compulsory

  1. iOS Devices without Jailbreak

  • Target device should be Internet-enabled

  • Compatible with all iOS versions

  • iCloud credentials (Apple ID & Password) are needed to use mobile tracker

  • iCloud Backup should be enabled

  • 2-factor/2-step verification need to be disabled

To conclude, Invisible application has everything to be considered one of the best hidden spy apps. It provides a full-featured solution to satisfy wants and needs even of the most demanding customer. Besides, it is almost the only one software company on the market to provide proficient customer service available 24/7